How to Safely Progress Your Clients

July 8th, 3pm

Simona Cipriani is coming to Scarsdale Pilates to teach instructors how to safely progress their clients to the next level, wherever they currently are!

You’ll hear Simona explain how to cue and deliver information to your clients who are ready to progress their practice. An expert in the industry with hands on spotting, she’ll go through how to spot clients in some of the trickier Pilates movements on various apparatus. She will also demonstrate how to modify the exercises so you can prepare your clients to develop the strength to execute them properly. She will also cover how to know when your client is ready to properly progress from one level to the next. 

We will have a great time learning from a master teacher as we continue to hone our Pilates teaching skills together! 
As a massage therapist who works with a diverse clientele, Simona brings a unique perspective to working with clients who have arthritis, joint replacements and various pathologies that can require extra attention and modifications.  

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