Classical Pilates is an exercise method that emphasizes precise, flowing motion, proper breathing, and mental focus for a stronger core, improved posture and greater flexibility.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a total body exercise system that does it all: improves strength, flexibility, and posture without building bulk. Exercises are done with an emphasis on the abdominal area, breathing, and heightened body-mind awareness, resulting in a flatter tummy and sculpted body.

Due to the efficiency of all of the movements, fewer repetitions are required, resulting in an engaging and invigorating workout. Exercise intelligently, the way founder Joseph Pilates intended.

build strength

gain greater flexibility

improve posture

enhance body awareness

tone and sculpt the entire body

a workout that is safe, challenging and energizing.

FAQ: Pilates and GYROTONIC® Method at Scarsdale Pilates

For maximum results, we recommend two to three times a week. However, if you consistently come once a week, you will see results. After just a few sessions, you will feel a difference throughout your entire body. In less than 20 sessions, you will see a difference! As with anything else, individual results vary. As always, the more you put into your sessions, the more you will get out of them.

A Tower Mat class is a small group Pilates mat class which utilizes Joseph Pilates’ Tower Apparatus. The Tower apparatus is used to deepen and add variety to the sequence of exercises. The structure is essentially the same as the Pilates Cadillac, using springs and bars as resistance, and is built to create a full body workout.

Using Joseph Pilates’ revolutionary Universal Reformer, our Reformer Classes are challenging and safe small group classes (up to six students). Consisting of a moving carriage, a set of springs, straps and ropes, the structure itself is designed to strengthen the core, tone the surrounding parts of the body, and increase flexibility using your own body weight. With a gear system in place, your Pilates series has never been more challenging, effective, and fun.

Private and Semi-private classes not only offer detail and personalized attention, but they offer the student with a basic understanding of the Pilates method. This understanding can in turn be brought to a variety of class settings, including Tower Mat classes and Reformer classes. Private lessons are also good for the Pilates enthusiast who is looking to refine their practice, see faster results, or for those who are looking for a little extra attention.

Group classes are great because of the energy and sense of community they provide. Our well trained and focused instructors make sure every person is closely watched, corrected, and led through the class in a welcoming and constructive manner. There are different levels of Group Classes offered, allowing every student to find a place for growth.

Both Pilates (created by the “Jack LaLane” of his time, Joseph Pilates in the 1930’s) and Gyrotonic (created by dancer and yogi Juliu Horvath in the 1970’s) are specialized exercise methods which help elongate muscles and create strength without building bulk. Although the results are similar, the two methods differ in range of movement, repetition, and teaching styles.The equipment is different as well – Pilates uses springs for resistance while Gyrotonic uses weights and pulleys. We recommend trying a few sessions of each to see what you like best. The two methods are complementary to one another, and many of our clients find that they achieve maximum results using both.

No. Both Pilates and Gyrotonics are resistance based exercise methods that create strength without bulk, a lean and sleek result not found from lifting weights. There is also a cardiovascular component to these methods, especially at the more advanced levels.

Since every Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise includes a stretch and a strength component, as well as a warm up and cool down, you will feel minimal soreness. Most people feel energized after their sessions.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in. Shoes are not worn inside the studio, but socks are required. We recommend no gum chewing and no heavy jewelry for your comfort and safety, and no heavy perfume for the comfort of your neighbor.

Yes. Whether you have an ongoing condition or are in recovery, rest assured that you can still participate in these methods. Many times Pilates is recommended by physicians as an aid in the rehabilitation process. As long as you inform your instructors about your injuries, they will tailor and modify your sessions to your individual needs.

Absolutely. These methods, only recently becoming more and more mainstream, have been practiced by pro athletes, dancers, celebrities, and physical therapists for years. Pilates and Gyrotonics strengthens your core, improves your flexibility, balance, and uniformly develops strength and coordination throughout the entire body. No matter what kind of athlete you are, your “game” will improve greatly.

Yes. Since the popularity and demand for Pilates and Gyrotonics has grown, studios are opening everywhere, often teaching watered down versions of these methods. We endorse the Authentic Pilates Method and the Gyrotonic Expansion System, both of which require all instructors to undergo an intensive certification course. These courses require several hundred hours of training and apprenticeship, assuring you that you are receiving top, safe and effective instruction.

While all three systems integrate the mind and body, Pilates and Gyrotonic are less meditative in nature and have much less variety in their style of practice. More specifically, both Pilates and Gyrotonic have been designed to increase strength of the core and overall body, whereas yoga is a far more complex series of exercises designed to prepare the body and mind for spiritual purposes.

Many people love Pilates for all the wonderful things it does for their body’s look and feel, and this number keeps going up and up. Pilates is a constantly growing movement within the fitness world, which makes it a very exciting field to enter.

We always recommend having some prior background experience with Pilates. Coming in and sampling some classes is always a good start, and we welcome you to come forward and introduce yourself! We would be happy to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

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